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Sugar beet pulp pellets

Sugar beet pulp is a fibrous byproduct of sugar beet processing which is used as fodder for livestock.


Beet pulp is mainly used for feeding dairy and beef cattle.

Nutritionally the beet pulp is between oats and hay. It contains almost as much nitrogen free easily digestible elements as oats and 1.5 times more than hay. Beet pulp is a valuable source of calcium (chick grit is added during sugar production), copper (3 times more than in oats) and iodine (17 times more than in oats). The advantages of storage and transportation of beet pulp are well known. It is saves space has long shelf life and highly cost effective to transport.

Quality according to the Industrial Standard 18-452-85

Appearance Bulk, in pellets of different shape and size with gloss or mat surface
Color Grey
Pellets size 8m-10mm-12mm-14mm
Moisture max 14.0%
Sugar content max 10.0%
Crude ash max 5.5%

Terms of delivery

Our company delivers sugar beet pulp pellets by vehicles, railway on the following terms EXW, FCA, CPT, FOB Yeisk (Incoterms 2010).