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Distiller's dried grain with solubles is a byproduct of processing distillation grains. It is used for variety of purposes, usually as highly valuable fodder with protein and vitamins for livestock and poultry. It is supplied either as pellets or in powder form. Unlike wet grain with solubles dried distiller’s grain does not sour or deteriorate and can be stored for long durations without losing its properties.

Storage period of DDGS is 6 months. The moisture of the powder should not exceed 10% and moisture of pellets should not be more than 11%.


DDGS is used as a primary component in poultry feed and fodder. It is included in the Guidelines For The Combined Feed Calculations developed by the Russian Research Institution Of The Mixed Feed Industry. Additionally it is used as a source of vitamins and protein for combined feed production.

The components of DDGS are not subjected to high temperature processing, so dry vinasse maintain optimal concentration of protein, fiber, macronutrients and micronutrients (iron, zinc, manganese, copper), vitamins, nitrogen-free extracts, rich in yeast protein with high content of essential amino acids (lysine, methionine) which can't be produced in the body of monogastic animals and should be obtained from feed.

Dry vinasse has valuable feed stuff containing 26.3% proteins, 16.5% carbohydrates, 6.0% fat and 2.4% mineral salt.

Due to vitamin B, tocopherol and ergosterol the vinasse is important for animals' metabolism regulation.

Usage of dry vinasse is beneficial for livestock raising because it increases the production of milk, meat, eggs, improves the quality of the product.

Transportation of DDGS is done by vehicles and railroads. Shipment is in bulk or in bags.

Quality according to the Technical Specifications 9182-082-00334586-2007

Appearance Pellets, powder
Color From light yellow to brown
Smell Bread and yeast
Moisture max 10%
Raw Protein min 20%
Fiber max 20%
Ash max 10%
Toxity Is not allowed

Terms of delivery

The delivery is done by trucks, railway or sea transport on the terms EXW, FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB (Incoterms 2020).