Raduga LLC
Trading and export white sugar, sugar beet pulp pellets, molasses, bran
Moscow, Russia
Office 2215,
16 Chernyakhovskogo st.
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Wheat bran

Our company is wheat bran manufacturer located in Krasnodar region of Russia

Wheat Bran is a co-product of our wheat flour production. They consist mostly of fragments of the outer grain layers and grain particles and have unique biological composition with high fiber content large amount of minerals, vitamins and reach in protein.

We produce pelleted and non-pelleted wheat bran.

You can use wheat bran for both compound feed production or feed it directly to ruminants, pigs, horses, or poultry. Modern productions technologies that we use increase the quality and the product storage period.


Moisture, % 15,0
Ash, % 5,05
Crude protein, % 13,5
Crude fiber, % 8,6
Diameter of pellets, mm 10 - 14
In compliance with the Russian State Standard 7169-2017

Delivery terms

The delivery is done by trucks, railway or sea transport on the terms EXW, FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB (Incoterms 2020)